Georgina Bennett

Lecturer in Physical Geography and Natural Hazards at University of East Anglia



I am a geomorphologist using a combination of remote sensing, fieldwork, geospatial analysis and numerical modeling to investigate earth surface processes and landforms. My particular interests are in landslide response to disturbances (climate change, tectonic uplift and extreme events such as floods) and in the interaction of landslides and river channels.

In previous work I have investigated landscape evolution at the foreland of a retreating glacier in Iceland, the response of landslides and debris flows to climate change in a Swiss mountain basin, and the response of earthflows (slow moving landslides) to tectonic uplift and drought in northern California.

In current research, I am assessing the role of landslides in the response of Colorado Rivers to an extreme flood in 2013. I am involved in a project forecasting future debris flow hazard in an alpine catchment and continue to monitor earthflow activity in northern California from satellite imagery. Lastly, I am using passive radio tags to monitor the response of river bedload sediment transport to forest die-off in Colorado.

*New paper out in Geology on the fate of sediment, wood and organic carbon eroded during an extreme flood, Colorado Front Range, USA*


Georgina Bennett
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
Norwich, Norfolk, UK


Office phone: +1 01603 593003

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Environmental Sciences Department, University of East Anglia

CSU Fluvial Geomorphology Group website

Air, water and aquatic environments program, US Forest Service

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Hydrology and Water Resources Management, ETH Zurich